Payment Options

PayPal + WorldPay
We offer two online payment systems: PayPal and WorldPay.


Note that for PayPal payments, an account is not necessarily required. You can simply pay with a credit or debit card – up to a certain amount each month – before PayPal will require you to create an account.

If you don’t use PayPal very much, this can be a very quick, safe, and painless way to purchase a few products here and there.

PayPal accepts a wide variety of credit, debit, and bank cards.


WorldPay is a European online payment gateway used by millions, especially outside the USA.

WorldPay accepts a variety of card types, and no account is required. We have been using WorldPay for almost 10 years, and have found it to be very safe and reliable.

It’s an excellent choice if you don’t want to create a PayPal account. Each transaction is processed separately by WorldPay, much like a normal purchase in a brick-and-mortar store. No username, no password, and no hassles!

Other Payment Options

If you prefer to pay via a check drawn on a US bank, or via a money order in $US, please contact us for more information.