Through a Glass Darkly (The Wave Series Volume 4)


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Hidden Masters, Secret Agendas and a Tradition Unveiled

by Laura Knight-Jadczyk

Behind the surface of everyday life lie secrets that have been kept from the eyes of the humanity. In every field of knowledge, we seem to take a wrong turn, coming to conclusions that are diametrically opposed to the truth of the matter. It seems that true science, history, the purpose and aim of human life, our past and potential futures are all off limits to public consumption. How can this be the case, and can these truths come to be known?

In Through a Glass Darkly, Laura Knight-Jadczyk continues to make it clear that nothing is what it appears to be. From the stories stitched together to make up our own personal identities to the myths of history on which nations are founded, we live in a sea of lies and half-truths. Just as we lie to ourselves and each other about who we really are, often putting ourselves in the best light possible, there are those who manufacture, manipulate, and shape current and past events to suit their own vested interests. And the current events of today will become the history of tomorrow, erroneously shaping our notions of who we are as a people, just as those of the past have done before.

But behind this sorry state of affairs, the truth awaits discovery. In this fourth volume of her series The Wave or Adventures with Cassiopaea, Knight-Jadczyk follows the trail of the hidden masters of our planet, exposing the agenda behind the alleged secret society, the “Priory of Sion”, and that mystery’s connections with alchemy, Oak Island, and the Kabbalists of old. In the process she reveals aspects of the tradition kept under wraps by these very groups. By exposing the agendas and conspiracies of the elite, we can come to know the truth about ourselves, and why it is has been kept hidden.

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