The LIfe Beyond the Veil


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Spirit Messages Received and Written Down by the Rev. G. Vale Owen

Volumes I-II

Introduction by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

For those interested in accounts of life after death, or in the history of Spiritualism, The Life Beyond the Veil is an important text that delivered the most complete and detailed account of conditions in the after-life published.

The first two volumes of the series have been collected in one book including the original introduction by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in which he states, “The narrative is before you and ready to speak for itself. Do not judge it merely by the opening, lofty as that may be, but mark the ever ascending beauty of the narrative, rising steadily until it reaches a level of sustained grandeur.”

Owen was forced out of his ministry by Church authorities after scripts from this book were published. He went on a lecture tour in America and in England, eventually settling in a pastorate of a Spiritualist congregation in London.

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