Essays on Life on Planet Earth


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by Scott Ogrin, Joe Quinn, and Henry See

From the never-ending “war on terror” to global pandemics to the threat of increasingly violent natural cataclysms, once more life on planet earth appears to be perched on a knife edge, the threshold of either a radically different future or utter annihilation.

The most popular and inspiring essays of the editorial team have now been compiled into book form and thematically organized. Covering topics such as human nature, religion, media propaganda, government psyop activities and much more, these hard hitting exposes are an indispensable handbook for understanding the hidden reality of past, present and possible future world events.

In the months and years since 9/11, many people around the world have begun to awaken to the fact that they are being fed a daily diet of disinformation and propaganda by the government-controlled mainstream media. In their quest for honesty and truth, millions are now turning to alternative news sources for a more accurate understanding of what is increasingly becoming a dark and dangerous world.

The SOTT Team dedicates this book to all those who have found the courage to take the first step towards freeing themselves from the burden of lies and illusion and who genuinely care about the future of the human race.

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