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The Dot Connector Magazine is an open invitation for all readers to share in our journey as we seek the Truth in all areas of life.
Our belief is that an open but skeptical mind is an essential element when the growth of Knowledge and Awareness is the aim. We are making fruits of our research available in an effort to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, scientific, and social justice issues, etc. We constantly work to discern lies from reality and seek to validate and/or refine what we understand to be either possible or probable or both. We do this in the sincere hope that all of mankind will benefit, if not now, then at some point in one of our probable futures.

We, the owners and publishers of The Dot Connector Magazine, encourage all of our readers to do their own research and use their own discernment when reading even this magazine and invite any suggestions regarding its contents.

The Dot Connector Magazine (DCM) is growing and transforming in a wonderful way: a year and a half after the release of its premier issue, the magazine goes from being a one-man operation to being a full-featured illustrated bi-monthly with a staff of competent and experienced journalists, a publishing house, websites that count over a million visitors a month, and a strong and growing community of readers!

Starting with the next issue, number 10, the Dot Connector joins forces with the SOTT.net team and becomes the official magazine of the Signs Of The Times, a project sponsored by the Fellowship of the Cosmic Mind,pioneered by historian and best-selling author Laura Knight-Jadczyk. I will continue as Editor and Director of Production, but will now be working alongside a team of gifted artists, writers and editors.

This fusion is natural. I knew and loved Laura’s and her team’s work for years, and knew instinctively that we see the world mostly the same way. To my surprise, our very first meeting showed that our views are not only ‘mostly’, but exactly the same! So, within half an hour of entering the SOTT headquarters we were already discussing not ‘general questions’ but the content of the next issue of our Dot Connector!

I have to admit that in the very beginning of the Dot Connector magazine project I underestimated just how important it is to combine forces with a group of like-minded people. Until now, the Dot Connector has been totally independent of any particular group, community or association. It was my thought that editorial and intellectual independence was essential for any publication that aims to reveal the unfettered truth. I came to realize this is only partly true because total independent began to prove counter-productive for two main reasons: first and foremost, a one man magazine operation is simply untenable over the long term. Secondly, the DCM had no network that it served to which readers could become attached and identified with. When somebody stumbled upon the Dot Connector on the Internet and couldn’t immediately identify the publisher of the magazine, he or she, even finding it interesting, had no chance to feel it as ‘his’ or ‘her’ magazine.

The ‘alternative world’ has become so vast that, just like mainstream society, it now has its own “left” and “right” wings, and a lot of nuances in between. And as in the mainstream press it is easy to see whose views a newspaper reflects, so in the alternative press it is no longer enough for a magazine to be simply “alternative” – it has to be specific about where exactly it is headed and by and with whom it stands.

Nevertheless, a year and a half of “total independence” was a good experience for me. It helped to clarify my own views, and thus facilitated the choice I finally had to make. Of those many writers and speakers I resonated with a year and a half ago, only a few are left. To be honest, the “alarm bells” inside me are ringing more often now than ever before – at the same time it has become easier to recognize the various ‘thought peddlers’, disinformation agents and the paid and unpaid, witting or unwitting COINTELPRO volunteers who, unfortunately, constitute the majority of bloggers and forum members today. I was shocked by the number of such types on the Above Top Secret forum for example, where they literally control discussions! On the other hand, I have seen no such censorship or control on the SOTT.net discussion forum. When I talked to the SOTT team members, together and personally, I understood why. They don’t just express and defend their opinions – they live them; their position in the articles and forum posts is their position in real and everyday life, tried and tested in the crucible of reality. And I mean down to the smallest detail. If they recommend a healthy food recipe or a food supplement, be sure they have tried it first on themselves!

“Be the change you want to see in the world” – is what this is all about. Start with yourself, and others will follow. It’s this example of making no distinction between what you say, what you do, and the way you live, that the new Dot Connector magazine will now follow and live.

Paul Bondarovski

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Issue #10 – July 2010, Issue #11 – Sept 2010, Issue #12 – Dec 2010, Issue #13 – March 2011, Issue #14 – July 2011, Issue #15 – March 2012


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